Friday, August 17, 2007

Ready for the weekend

These last 3 weeks have been rather crazy, what with Brian being gone for 13 out of the last 16 days. The kids' playmates were also gone for part of that time, which makes for longer days as well. But all is back to normal (or some version thereof) now.

See the pretty flowers Brian sent me yesterday for our 21st anniversary? I love the colors.... the flowers are actually a little more purple than they look in the photo.

He got home a little after 8:30 last night. The 3 younger kids were spending the night next door, so we went over to see them before they headed to bed. Our house was rather pleasantly quiet after we got home, since Emily was the only one here besides us. It was kinda nice not having to wrangle kids to bed or wrestle them out of ours.

The dogs are doing so well. I took this picture of them napping together yesterday.

Of course, they don't spend all their time together napping:

This is one of their favorite pastimes, tug-of-war. You never know which one will initiate it, although Rory is probably the main instigator. Sometimes she reminds me so much of a child, the way she will get a toy and just go over and dangle it in front of Campbell as if to say, "Look what I have..." I have as yet to get a really good picture to show how much she has grown and how much bigger than Campbell she is now. Earlier this morning she was standing on top of him and his back was fully underneath her... he only had to lower his head. I wonder how long it will be before he can just walk under her without even brushing her stomach?

Rory went to the vet at the beginning of the week. She was just under 40 pounds. That was a weight gain of almost 15 pounds in 3 weeks! Her puppy class graduation is this Sunday evening; she'll get to show off what she's learned, including her new trick we have been working on this week. She now does a "high five" or "gives paw".

If any of my regular readers remember me talking about my friend Jenny (the one we met on our second Disney cruise, and who met up with us at Disney World last Christmas), she has finally joined the blogosphere. Go give her a look-see!

Don't know what this weekend will bring. It is our last weekend before Emily goes back to school on the 23rd. Hopefully we'll find time for some fun.

One more picture of the puppy before I go:


Anonymous said...

I would love to see some pictures of the kids!

Sandy said...

Love those ears! But I still think you're at least partially insane... :-)

DJG said...

Precious puppies!!

Anonymous said...

Karen -

Thanks for the picture of the pups for the photo contest. It's a good one!

Your flowers are beautiful, too! Wow. What a treat. And I love the vase.

Cheers! & Blessings to you all today! Dee

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles

Qtpies7 said...

Irises are my favorite flower! If only my husband would get that, he'd score more points, lol.
Cute dogs!

Jenny said...

I made it onto your website - I'm honored!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Jenny :)

Philip said...

Great pictures. Happy Anniversary! 21 years of pure bliss, congratulations!

kittyhox said...

Hi! Just popping over from Katherine's blog...

What cute doggies! I hope we can have a dog someday. :)

I'm enjoying your blog and will be back!

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