Thursday, June 23, 2005

Making sense of things

I suppose the post title can be taken two ways. Things around the house are finally closer to being together. We only have a couple of rooms (plus the garage) to fine tune and then I won't be too embarrassed should someone want to come inside. We've lined up another church to visit this weekend.... I am in anticipation of that. And I received some info on local homeschool support groups in the mail today. I am VERY glad to have that.

But in a more sobering vein, I am dealing with the news that a 16-year-old girl from our church back in Omaha was murdered 2 days ago. How does one make sense of that?? It happened during the day, in her home... the media (if we can believe what we read) says there is a suspect, but police aren't saying whether he has been questioned or not. Apparently he was released from jail the day it happened.

Pray for the Neal family. Sarah was their only daughter and the baby of the family.


Carrie said...

Oh, Karen, I am so sorry. Nothing makes sense in a situation like this. I will be praying for her family, and for you.

PΛUL SVEDΛ said...

I pray for the LORDS strength with that family and with yours in finding the right church family to fit into. I know the importance of that in this world. I am here via Micheles comment game and just wanted to comment on your very lovely blog.



DJG said...

I will be praying.

jettybetty said...

I am praying,too--that's a hard one!
Praying for your visit to the new church, also! I know God will lead to the right place in his time!

Mellie Helen said...

How terribly sad, and utterly shocking. The Neal family will have our prayers. I am glad to hear of the support you're beginning to find for homeschooling!

MommaK said...

My thoghts and prayers are with you and the Neal Family. I hope you your adjustment comes smoothly. I moved from CA 2 years ago and still miss it. Thanks for the help with my link.

Heather said...

What a horrible thing to happen to that poor girl.

I love the look of your blog>

Hello, Michele sent me:-)

Ivy said...

That is just horrible. Hopefully they will have some closure soon.

They are in my thoughts.

here via Michele tonight..
She says Hi..

shelagh said...

ooh, so sad. It is impossible to understand things like that.
Hope you have a peaceful weekend.
Here via Michele

puremood said...

Wow, that is shocking news. I hope they find who did it... and I will pray for the family.

I see your a military wife :) I, too, was a military wife (for 10ish years) until last month....

Michele sent me.

Lizzie said...

So sorry to learn about such a terrible loss. My prayers go out the entire community!

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