Thursday, June 09, 2005

Are we done yet?

No... not even close. Everywhere I look, there are boxes to open. Or piles of boxes that have been opened and are full of packing paper. It is slow going. The kitchen is the only thing fully unpacked, and even it is not done; I have to figure out how to organize the ginormous 24" deep floor-to-ceiling pantry.

Lemme break down the stuff from the last few days into good and not-so-good:

***Emily's, Noah's, and Joel's beds are all assembled. Noah and Joel slept in their beds last night. Emily picked out a mattress today that will be delivered tomorrow so that she can sleep in her room tomorrow night.
***Campbell is happy with his new home and yard. A happy dog is a good dog.
***The weather has been very nice... only in 70s during the day, and we often need a jacket at night.
***The majority of our furniture arrived unbroken.
***We are now Costco members.
***We had additional insurance on our household goods.
***We are missing an entire bookcase and the Brio train table my husband made for the kids. Stupid movers.
***My Yamaha digital piano fell over after the movers placed it; the front legs broke and the cover broke off as well.
***Various other items had dents and gouges.
***We still don't have internet service at home. I am blogging from the tiny little library a few blocks from our house. I get 30 minutes a day until my new card is active in 24 hours; then I can have up to 4 30-minute sessions.
***SBC will not activate our new DSL service until June 16.
***This library is only open 4 days a week.
***If I want to check email any other day, I will have to drive to the base, 20 miles away.
***I still have a crudload of unpacking to do. Better get out of here and get back to it.


Jen said...

TMO can be horrible. They "lost" a box of our electronics on one move and a bunch of our brand new furniture was ruined (we were newlyweds). I swore I'd never use TMO again...but I didn't have kids at the time!

Sharon said...

A 24" floor-to-ceiling pantry is a very good thing...

Ah the joys of moving companies, huh? But on the plus side, you're all there safe and sound...

If it's any consolation, it took me a couple of months to get everything out of boxes when we moved here. I guess that means I'm slow...but just do what you can, when you can; that's all you can do in the middle of a big transition like this! :)

Chris said...

Chin up, little buckaroo! This, too, shall pass!

DJG said...

I need to save this to a file and read it when the "moving" bug hits me again. I hope all is better soon, especially your DSL...hello, do they think you can live without it??

I don't think I can!:)

Mellie Helen said...

It may be providential that your DSL isn't up right away, and that the library has limited hours, too -- that way, you're more likely to spend your time unpacking rather than blogging! ;)

PractiGal said...

Your pantry sounds heavenly, Karen... and Costco... oooooh! Congrats on arriving safely!!! Having fun setting up home... why is it that the unpacking seems to go on forever & ever?!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh girl. That all just sounds like so much work. I dont envy you!

Susan said...

Love the layout of your blog and what dog lover could resist leaving their scent?

I'm cruising through blogs looking for kindred souls. (I write kids books.) Found you. Stopped to read. Enjoyed.

Hope you get settled soon. MAJOR bummer on the library.

Write on, right now.

Goldberry said...

We've been in our house almost 4 years and we are still finding boxes we never opened. Like Christmas over and over. Sad, though. Maybe we should open up every box and do a "Clean Sweep." Our attic is getting way over stuffed.

Sleeping Mommy said...

I hate moving. Hope everything is unpacked and you feel at home soon.

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