Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Mother's Day to me!!

Yeah, I know I said the Toyota Sienna was my dream van, but that was before I saw the Odyssey up close and personal. We pick this baby up tomorrow afternoon at the dealership. (Now how do I compete with this for Father's Day??)

Tomorrow evening is a ladies' night out for me. Some friends and I are "kidnapping" another friend for her 40th birthday and taking her to dinner at Kona Grill followed by a Nichole Nordeman concert.

I've got the drive to CA mapped out and hotel reservations made. We're going to do the drive in 3 days. Our dear friend Jim is going to drive one of the vehicles for us and we are flying him back here the day after we arrive (we get there on a Friday night; he has to be back Saturday so he can preach Sunday morning).

Still haven't gotten the phone and internet for CA set up. SBC's online ordering is messed up and we haven't gotten to talk to anyone who can help us with it. The website always has a missing page near the very end of the order submission... The main reason we are trying to do the online order is that they have special rates for online orders (free installation on phone, lower rates for DSL). Of course, if they can't get the website working....


Tammy said...

Lucky you on the van! :) Hope you have fun tomorrow night...sounds great!

Here doing the Michele M&G tonight...but I'm pretty sure I've wandered thru before.

Thumper said...

Nice! That is a heckuva Mother's Day present!

Hey, if you can't get DSL set up, the cable internet available here is awesome. If I ever have to go back to dialup, I'm pretty sure they'll have to medicate me.

mw said...

Hi, I'm here via Michele's M&G.

I love the graphic at the top! Congratulations on the van...


k2 said...

i hope my scent doesn't knock you out, i just came in from mowing the grass. karen, i liked what you left on judy thomas's page. where in 'bama does your sister live? we moved to l.a. (daphne) last year from texas (dfw), and have noticed that worship is defferent here. just like they have accents here, and i don't.

i miss the clapping and amens and all that. all those things that i thought were being done for people to be noticed. WRONG! i was so wrong.

it took 5 years to get new song books approved in texas. we don't even have them in 'bama. (btw, i mentioned that we live in daphne, but we attend church in mobile. 30 minute drive.)

all this to say, "i liked what you said and hope things go well in ca for you."

Sharon said...

Hey, I want one of those for Mother's Day (pout)
Happy Mother's Day, by the way, to an amazing mom. Things must be hectic right now, but you're doing great and I'm sending you good thoughts and prayers for a smooth journey.

Jenni said...

my parents have an Odyssey - it's a great vehicle - enjoy!

PractiGal said...

Great van!! You'll be stylin on your drive!

Happy Mother's Day, Karen!

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