Saturday, September 19, 2009

"While I'm Waiting" - Then Sings My Soul Saturday

No one likes waiting. It's not always fun; it's not always easy; it's not always pleasant. But there are times it is oh, so necessary. What do you do, especially when that waiting isn't necessarily something tied down to a finite timeline?

John Waller's song, While I'm Waiting, began receiving widespread airplay after the release of the movie Fireproof. The words and message were a perfect parallel to the storyline unfolding on the movie screen, where a husband was quietly trying to win back the love of his wife by demonstrating his love through acts of kindness, and by obeying God. He put feet to his faith.

Do we do the same thing, or do we treat God like a candy dispenser in the sky, dropping in our coins (prayers) and waiting for him to answer them? I love the message in this song: "I will serve you while I'm waiting; I will worship while I'm waiting..." and more importantly, "...taking every step in obedience." That line reminds me that my obedience isn't something to be bargained about with God; I will not be like a petulant child and withhold my obedience until I get what I want. That's just not how our God works.

I hope you are blessed by the words and music below.


Lisa notes... said...

Oh, how I love this song and its message! I suppose it's quite personal to you right now in this time of waiting on what's going to happen next... Praying that your waiting won't be too long, but rejoicing that you are worshiping in the waiting anyway.

When your waiting is over, and if the Lord leads you down south, I'll be "waiting" to take you out to lunch so we can meet in person!

shopannies said...

great song thanks for sharing the words mean so much to me I have never heard it before but it makes so much sense to me

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