Saturday, September 12, 2009

Then Sings My Soul: I'll Join the Rocks, FFH

This week's song isn't one I've heard much on air, but is one of my favorites from an old FFH CD. The title is I'll Join the Rocks. The central message is being made for worship and doing that even if it means I'm the only one doing it. I cannot listen to this song without being drawn in and singing with it. Lyrics are included in the video.

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Jenny said...

I have the CD this song is on. I really like it! This is a great worship hymn.

Lisa notes... said...

"I know that I was born to worship"

I love that line! Thanks for the song.

Cathy said...

I loved that, thank you. I love the verses about His creation singing. As a songwriter, maybe I need to write a song about that.

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