Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy April

I started to title this post 'Appy April, but then I thought folks might think I had an appendectomy... thus the boring title above.

Things are still moving at a breakneck pace around here, although yesterday was refreshingly laid-back. We actually had NO outside commitments. Didn't do a whole lot of anything, which was a nice change from the usual way things go. Joel stayed outside for a good part of the day and wound up with a sunburned neck (thankfully he was wearing long sleeves). 

Brian and Noah are leaving for Denver in the morning. Brian has a quick trip there to brief a General about something, and we had an airline voucher that was due to expire soon... so he took the opportunity to treat Noah to a father/son trip. They should have a lot of free time tomorrow to do some stuff together. They'll be back Tuesday night.

Spring break starts Wednesday afternoon for Emily. She doesn't go back to school until the 20th. There is a chance she will have play rehearsals during break... unless too many people will be out of town. This year's musical is "Grease," and she is playing the "Teen Angel" role (rewritten for the movie... Frankie Avalon's part). The really fun part of this is (and I am being totally tongue-in-cheek here) is that the dates for her play coincide with Halle's piano recital and a Christian music festival at which we are supposed to be helping man a CR booth.  It is going to be wicked crazy here that weekend in May, let me tell you!

Speaking of Emily and school... she is not going back next year. There have been a lot of changes in the last 3 years she has been there and most of them aren't ones we are too happy with. So she is going to finish up and complete her senior year here at home, probably with UN-L (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and their online high school. She doesn't have too many credits left, since she had 8 classes a day the last 2 years.  And it will be loads cheaper than the $8K we were spending on this school for a year. Hopefully she will be able to get a part-time job as well to save up some $$ for college and stuff. The other cool thing about UN-L's program is that it's self-paced, so she can finish up as quickly as she wants... knock out the easier subjects (like English) and take as much time as she needs with others (like chemistry, if she decides to take it).

Anyhoo, the rest of April will be challenging as well. Just as spring break is ending, Brian will leave for another TDY and be gone another 9-10 days. Then he'll have one full week at home before we take the RV down to Malibu for the Pepperdine Lectures. Should be fun.... will get to see folks we haven't seen in a long time!

Heading to bed in a few minutes, after the dryer is done. Had to wash jeans for Noah to take to Denver with him and they are still going. 


That Girl said...

Donna and I went to Malibu in '07. I would like to go again but the Honduras trip knocked that out for this year. Maybe next year! Happy Climbing!

Rick J said...

Looking forward to Pepperdine as well!!

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