Sunday, March 15, 2009

March musings

I should be showering, but I was feeling guilty I hadn't written a post in a while, so thought I should update before I head upstairs for the night. Ordinarily, I would shower in the morning, but some brainiac at the local power company (PG&E, of Erin Brockovich fame) decided to schedule a power outage for the entire base tomorrow morning from 7am to noon. Since I don't really want to shower at 6am tomorrow for 9am church, I need to get that done tonight, so I can dry and straighten my hair.  Maybe I should sleep sitting up to avoid messing my hair up too much....

Here we are in the middle of March; Brian's birthday is Monday. For the next 3 months, we get to be the same age, and then I get to be older than him again. We'll do our usual birthday dinner out. He just has to decide where we're going.

Emily is doing well. After a follow-up visit with a family practice doc, he seemed to think that she had correctly self-diagnosed her problem last month, although there is no way for us to be sure now. Em thought her symptoms were very suggestive of TSS (toxic shock syndrome), and while the docs all said that was on their list of things to consider while she was in the hospital, for some reason it was never really explored. So for now at least, she'll go for the less convenient feminine product to avoid a repeat of last month's adventure. As she so succinctly put it when the doctor apologized for suggesting the inconvenient way, "It's more convenient than spending the weekend in the hospital."

Found out a few days ago that the housing office on base is planning on moving the field grade officers (that's Brian) into larger and newer housing in the fall. I am more than a little excited over that. I am not certain of the size of the quarters we could get; I have heard anywhere from 2000-2400 sq. ft. That would be almost 700-1000 sq. ft. more than we have now, so I am really excited about the prospect. We will still have 4 bedrooms, so the boys will still have to share, but at least the girls' rooms should be bigger than the 9.5 ft square rooms they have now.

OK, better get cracking or I'll be up too late getting my hair dried and straightened.


Jenny said...

How exciting about the potential new digs! And the new blog layout is really cute!

Clarissa said...

Hey, we're in 4 bedrooms, too, and soon to move to another place with 4 bedrooms (well, one of them is not even an enclosed room but will be cordoned off by curtains and is at least upstairs where the kid bedrooms are...) We do what we muct do! Hope you get more room!

Clarissa said...

muct=muct!!! (argh)

Clarissa said...

Ack!!! muct=must!!! laughing!!!!

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