Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not all my fault this time

Finally, I have a real excuse for not coming around here! Of course, I shouldn't sound so happy about it, but dang... when a perfectly healthy person can't stop and write more than every couple of weeks, it's just sad. But this time I have a valid reason. Heck, I probably shouldn't be here now, but since this isn't my usual "life has just been stinkin' busy" kind of post, I wanted to get it done while I was thinking of it and before something else stopped me.

Anyhow, yours truly suffered her first real illness of any length (since childhood) this week.... I've been stuck upstairs in bed with pneumonia that began late Saturday night (and of course, it picked my husband's moonlighting weekend) and is hopefully on its way out. I finish my last dose of antibiotic for it today.  Manoman, it has been no fun. It hit hard and fast, but I guess in a way it was good that it did, since it made me go to the ER on Sunday night. I didn't leave my bedroom all day Sunday and pretty much drifted in and out of sleep between taking something trying to get my fever down and trying to drink fluids to stay hydrated. But when I texted  Brian that I had coughed up some blood, his suspicions about what was going on were just made a bit stronger, and he strongly encouraged me to head over to the ER. 

It has been kinda hard staying in bed and taking it easy. I was feeling better on Tuesday and was up for a little while in the afternoon, but was feeling it by after dinner. I was back to gasping every time I took a breath. So I stayed in bed all day yesterday, only coming down to help Brian with a grocery list and to eat dinner. I am still planning on taking it easy today. After Tuesday, I am very wary of overdoing it... because I obviously can't tell when I am!

I have to confess, one thing made being stuck in bed a little more bearable: my new iPhone. Brian and I made the switch the weekend after New Year's Day and I have been so happy with being able to carry around all my scheduled activities in my hand, and to be able to effortlessly sync them with my Mac (without any third-party software like Missing Sync). I was able to read all my mail, read, make, and comment on facebook updates, and do a little checking of my Google Reader. I am one satisfied customer.


beck said...

And Apple saves the day! An Apple a day... hmmm... =) Glad that you're feeling better.

That Girl said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick but I'm glad to hear why we haven't heard from you.

Rick J said...

Glad you are better!

SmallWorld at Home said...

Pneumonia--yikes! Glad you are feeling better. It was probably that iPhone that did it.
And happy to meet another Nanci fan!

Jenny said...

Yikes! I'm so glad you're better. And isn't the iPhone a gem? I'm doing our Disney itineraries on it instead of carrying them around on paper. Here's the link to my PTR: As usual, few readers, but it's fun for me regardless. Anyways, SO SO glad you are better. I'd have freaked if I coughed up blood!

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