Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who turned out the lights?

We spent the better part of yesterday without power here... someone hit a power pole just outside one of the base gates and took out 2 more. We were dark from 12:30 pm till just before midnight last night. Made for an interesting day with no way to cook (electric ignition on the gas stove) or do our usual things (computer, tv). We had some errands to run in the early evening and when we came back, our next-door neighbor had an outdoor fireplace going, and a propane camping lantern hanging in the doorway of his garage. Across the street, another neighbor had his telescope out, trained on Saturn. We all had a chance to look through the telescope... it was very cool; we could even see Saturn's rings! It wasn't an extremely close-up view; our neighbor said he had stronger lenses, but they were more sensitive to wind, so it would have been harder to see. At any rate, it was a great night for stargazing, since there was very little light to be had anywhere around.

It's course selection time at Emily's school. I was able to log onto the school website just a few minutes after registration was opened up, so I am hoping she is able to get all the courses she wanted. Not sure when we will hear about it.

Next week is Spring Break. No major plans except chillaxin'.

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Anonymous said...

I think that would be a very nice evening. A forced relaxation time but still valuable.

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