Thursday, December 07, 2006


Brian is in MO now... he flew out early this morning (12:30 a.m.) to be with his mom and siblings as his mom gets accustomed to her new living situation. They have placed her in a skilled nursing facility (why does that sound better than "nursing home"?) and right now, she doesn't realize that this will probably not be a short term arrangement. However, they aren't going to let her know this at this point, so she'll be more motivated to work with her therapists.

Basically she only has the use of her right arm at this time. The stroke took out her left side. She needs help to even sit up in bed. Time will tell if she'll regain any function, but considering her history and her MS...

Tomorrow I'll post something fun. We need some humor around here now!

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Rick J said...

Glad Brian made it safely, but these times are always tinged with sadness. Hope all is well with you and the kids. See you in the morning!

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