Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm still here

We just kept busy over the weekend... Friday night, Halle spent the night with a friend and the boys and I went to see Unaccompanied Minors. We enjoyed it; it was surprisingly better than I expected it to be. Then Noah had a football game Saturday (they won!) and we had to meet Halle and her friend's family to get her and her things back home. We spent part of Saturday night getting the house picked up, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry... Then Sunday was church, and we were blessed to get to spend time with some friends who came over to hang out. Each of the 3 younger kids had someone his/her age to play with, and I had adult conversation. What could be better??

Today was filled with more laundry and redoing a lot of the housework I did on Saturday. The kids and I also had to get out and meet someone from church to give her some Christmas cards Emily had signed for her. She hired Em to sign cards for her Mary Kay customers and stuff them in envelopes. We got home from doing that just a half-hour before time to head out to pick Emily up from school. Then Halle and Joel both had gymnastics.

Brian is on his way home from St. Louis (according to the airline's website, his plane is taxiing to the gate right now). He was able to accomplish quite a bit while he was there... getting his mother's things out of the house she was sharing with her ex-husband (looooong story there; suffice it to say it was one of many bad choices made), having powers of attorney drawn up for medical/financial decisions, decorating his mom's room for Christmas... He will probably tell about his trip on his blog when he has time; I feel like it is his story to tell, since it is his mom and his family.

Tomorrow night we have Emily's school's choir Christmas concert. There will be the middle school and high school choirs performing. It's no ordinary concert, though... they will be serving dessert. We have to buy tickets at $15 a pop for adults, $10 for students. Ouch! I wonder how many other private schools charge for choir concerts?

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