Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An ending and a beginning

We are nearing the end of Noah's first Little League season (2 games left in the championship tournament). Tonight's game was an 8-1 victory over the #3 seed (we are #2). Thursday evening, we play the #1 team. If we win that one, we play the final game on Saturday. Today's game was a good one with lots of action. Unfortunately, some of that action included our players getting hit by some bad pitches. "Way to take one for the team!" has become a common cheer for us.

Now on to beginnings.... While getting groceries at the commissary today, I noticed a fellow shopper who was wearing a tshirt advertising a gymnastics program. We've been wanting to get Joel involved in gymnastics to develop what seems to be a fairly natural talent for it, so I approached the other shopper and asked her about her shirt. It turned out that she is one of the coaches for the young boys at the gym. I explained our situation to her and she encouraged me to bring Joel in to the 4:00 pm class that day to try it out. He had a blast. He climbed a rope for the first time ever, on his first try, even. After the class, she told me she felt he should be in the next level class because he wouldn't be in the first level long enough... he was a very quick learner. She commented on his strength for his age and size, too. So now Joel will be starting classes on Tuesday evenings. He is beyond excited.

Noah and Halle begin swim lessons around the middle of June. Joel is on a waiting list for that session, since the classes for his level were already filled up.


Rick J said...

Sounds as if summer is heating up already!!

DJG said...

Way to go...I would have been too shy to have asked...(I know some of you struggle to believe that)

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