Monday, May 29, 2006

Clean team

We are finally free of the old house. After many evenings and days of cleaning and scrubbing (most of which was done by Brian), we turned it back over to the owners earlier this evening. They were impressed with how clean the place was (I think it was cleaner than when we took possession), and the only thing we got "dinged" on was a small tear in the patio screen door near the handle. The owner was going to get a quote on getting it repaired and then deduct it from our deposit. I am betting her husband will wind up fixing it and it will probably cost less than $20 to fix... but we'll be charged whatever some other handyman would charge to come out and do it. We'll see. I just think that if we were in her position, we would probably just absorb that little repair. The place is in move-in condition; it's not too often that happens these days.

It's championship week for Noah's Little League division. We have a game tomorrow evening. If they win, there will be another one Thursday; if not, they will play on Wednesday. If they win Thursday, they will also play Saturday. This is going to be a BUSY week!

I'm looking forward to things settling down around here.


jettybetty said...

I think landlords have to find something to *ding* you on!

I am getting ready for things to settle down around here, too--do you have any idea when that can really happen?

Della said...

Congrats on the move out completion!

I have lurked for awhile and have really enjoyed your posts.

I have moved twice in my married years. Because of my hubby's job, we are probably looking at one more move before total retirement. I am hoping he agrees on getting a smaller home/townhome/condo!

With a total of four kids, we are only five years away from an empty nest. You seem to have alot of fun with your children. Today I asked each of my teenage boys to sit down and watch a movie with me and both turned me down! Boo Hoo! Time for another baby? LOL!

Thumper said...

I've resigned to getting hosed on civilian deposits... we left the apartment way cleaner than when we moved in, but they found enough deductions that we got maybe half of it back.

At least in CA they *have* to itemize what they're deducting for...

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