Monday, February 08, 2010

February flurries

Woke up to snow falling this morning... no accumulation to speak of other than on the outdoor furniture, but even that was less than an inch and wound up melting by midday. But it did look pretty as it was coming down.

We're getting more and more settled. The 3 younger kids got new bedroom furniture last week; that's been a real help for them in having storage for their things. They each got a platform bed flanked with storage towers with shelves and cubbyholes for their toys, books, games, etc. It's a great set from Pottery Barn Teen that should last them many years.

I'm nearly done with the library-slash-schoolroom. We have a desk (also PB teen) coming Thursday for that room. Its arrival is providing much-needed motivation to finish sorting and culling what I need and don't need. However, some of the boxes are Brian's things... I'll have to set those aside until he has time for them.

The next rooms to focus on will be the breakfast area, our room, and the formal living room. We'd like to get a counter height table that seats 6-8 people for the breakfast area. We're looking for new bedroom furniture (bed/nightstands) for us, plus chairs/ottomans and/or a chaise for our seating area in the bedroom. And then we need to figure out if we want to get new furniture for the formal living room or move in the leather furniture from the keeping room or not.... Then that would leave us deciding what to put in the keeping room (the denim sectional from the bonus room upstairs??). Seriously considering taking the furniture out of that room upstairs and putting in some LoveSacs or something similar. After all, that room is mostly the video-gaming/sleepover/movie-watching room and really doesn't need heavy, hard-to-move furniture. Decisions, decisions...

Looking more and more like we have found a church to worship at full-time. For me, that is usually the hardest part of a move, and definitely the most important. But this time it wasn't too difficult. All of the kids are making friends easily there, and Brian and I are connecting with folks, too. Yesterday morning, the most amazing thing happened: I was recognized by a woman who was a camper at our church youth camp in SE Missouri back in the summer of 1983. She was one of the 6th grade girls in the cabin I served as counselor for shortly after my freshman year of college ended! I still marvel at her recognizing me. Once she told me her name, I certainly could see who she was, but I'm not sure I would have realized it without her discovering it first. Just another one of those cool God-things, I think! I'm looking forward to reconnecting with her.

It's going to be a busy week. One of the nearby rescue missions is coming to pick up some of our old furniture we have stored in our single-car garage tomorrow. I have an appt. in the afternoon, then CR in the evening. We have church Wednesday night. Thursday is the furniture delivery, then an early dinner out with my sister and her husband before we take in a local concert (Jeremy Camp, Chasen, The Afters, and Jason Gray.... I'm going mostly for Jason Gray, but looking forward to all of them). I will be ready for a quiet night in on Friday!


Jenny said...

So glad you're getting settled. If you're hungering for more snow, come to Ohio. We've gotten about a foot in the last 5 days! Be sure to post pics of the house as you get it all furnished and situated!

Deb said...

We have LoveSacs. Free shipping and 2% cashback for you, my preferred customer!

Jenny, what part of Ohio are you in? I'm here in Cincinnati. Just finished shoveling the walk! Enjoy!

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