Saturday, November 07, 2009

Praise God on High - Then Sings My Soul Saturday

I won't say a whole lot about this song... I'll just let the words speak for themselves.

Praise God on High

Someday our pain will be no more.
Someday our tears will fade away.
Someday we’ll see our Lord and
Savior face to face.

Someday we’ll rest from all our burdens.
Someday we’ll see His smile.
Someday he’ll look us in the eyes
and say “Welcome home, my child.”

Praise God on high!
All that’s wrong will be made right.
How we long for the day
every wounded soul
will be made whole.
So let’s worship Him with a mighty voice
like we’re already with Him in paradise.
Praise God on high! Praise God!

Someday we’ll walk beside the Father.
Someday we’ll rest at His feet.
Someday our trials
will all be over.
We’ll be completely free!



Praise God on
high! Praise God!

For more music, join Amy for Then Sings My Soul Saturday.


Lisa notes... said...

I'll have to send your link to my youngest daughter Jenna. She loves learning sign language. She and one of her little buddies used to try to sign songs at church (from their seats, ha). One of our friends in our Life Talk (Sharon - Brian has met her) is a professional interpreter and she has taught Jenna several things.

Hope all is going well at your household!

Anonymous said...

great post

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