Monday, June 22, 2009

Alive and well

Much has happened since the last post. I spend most of my time on FaceBook and haven't taken the time to write anything here. But since today is my birthday, I decided I can spare the time. Thanks to all my FaceBook buddies who have sent me wishes over there. I feel very loved.

We had a great time in Malibu. It made me miss my church of Christ roots a lot. I know we are here for just a season and I am gaining much from being here, but all the same... I am looking forward to getting back to my roots a bit.

Emily finished up her junior year of high school with a cumulative GPA of 3.74. Not too shabby, considering she didn't take any weighted classes. She plans on finishing her senior year through independent study with University of Nebraska Lincoln's online program. We are waiting on the transcript evaluation from them so we can get her enrolled and decide on her last few classes. We found her a used Honda Civic to drive just before the end of school, so I got a reprieve from my 2 round trips to her school daily... that was nice. She is looking for a summer job to help keep gas in it.

Noah has passed me up in height now. At 13 1/2, he is almost 2 inches taller than me and about 2 inches shorter than his dad. I think he really is going to pass him up, too. He is still taking guitar lessons and learning a lot there.

Halle had a piano recital after we got back from Malibu. She did a great job and if she was nervous, certainly didn't show it. She is on hiatus from lessons right now (her teacher is in and out a lot in the summer), but is continuing to practice.

Joel is still taking drum lessons and is doing great. I love listening to him when he and his teacher "jam" together. Mynor (his teacher) will pull out his guitar and play and have Joel accompany him. I've recorded a few of their sessions on my iPhone.

Next week, the 3 younger kids are taking golf lessons at the base golf course. It's just a couple of hours in the morning, and they each get a set of clubs out of the deal. I figure so many people play golf, it's a good chance to learn the sport.

No big plans for the summer until August. We are taking the RV down to San Diego with Brian to attend the AANA conference down there, then head to Lake Forest at the tail end of that conference to attend the Celebrate Recovery Summit at Saddleback Church. We'll get home from that just in time to celebrate our 23rd anniversary on the 16th.

I won't make any more promises about how often I'll be back. No sense disappointing myself or anyone else.


Rick J said...

Good to see a post. Thought maybe you'd stayed in Malibu and opened a surf shop or something. :-)

Happy B'day (a day late)


Jenny said...

Well, I'm glad to see your posts no matter how (in)frequent they may be. I always like hearing what your gang is up to!

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