Thursday, September 18, 2008

The time, it escapes me

I have been meaning to sit and write for a while now, but there seems to always be something a bit more pressing than a blog post demanding my attention (chauffeur duties, school, and housework/laundry, namely). Oh, and preparations for the 1-year anniversary of the Celebrate Recovery ministry at church. I've been making signs for the barbecue, name tags, and also doing some typing to revamp our operations manual. Then there's the research and development of the ministry website.  I have a meeting later this morning regarding that.

Since the last post, we celebrated Joel's birthday (twice!) and made plans for him to begin music lessons. Celebrations began on Saturday with a party at a local jump house. We were able to convince Emily to invite a friend and come along. It was fun to see them enjoying themselves almost as much as the younger kids. After the party, a few of the boys stayed with us for a pizza dinner, followed by a sleepover in the RV. We parked it in the FamCamp on base and Brian chaperoned. It seems to have been a rousing success.  Part 2 of the celebration was on his actual birthday, Monday. Joel chose Baker's Square for his birthday dinner. 

As far as music lessons go, Joel has been asking to take drum lessons. After much thought and consideration, we talked to a guy at church who does this (he actually gives lessons on both drums and guitars... trains a lot of our youth so that they can participate in the youth worship and eventually the main worship bands at church) and he had an opening. So now we are looking for a drum set for him. This will involve some rearranging of the boys' room in order to fit them.

I spent last night at a CR training session on leading the small groups and newcomers' group. I had plans to write last night after I got home, but got very sidetracked here. I wound up messing around with photos of me, Noah, and Brian. Emily even got into the act (of course, posting anything  of her here is an act punishable by death, so I will respect her wishes). Can anyone guess the year of this photo?

Yeah, I've been working on important stuff.


emlayyy said...

i give you permission to post one.
if you feel it is of the utmost importance.

Jenny said...

If Emily gave you permission, PLEASE post the picture of her! Would LOVE to see it. :)

I honestly don't know when the picture would be from. I thought you were in your 40s (sorry if that's high), but that would mean you graduated H.S. in 1981 - and this picture looks like it's from the 60s. I'm so confused! I honestly thought this was a recent picture you put into an old photo - if this was you, you haven't aged a BIT!

Jenny said...

Okay, so I'm an idiot. If I'd have followed the link, I would have seen you had done this. Whew!

BTW, got me an iPhone 3g. LOVE it. :) I recall you have Soarin' on your iTunes - anyways to send that to me that isn't a violation of copyright? Not sure if there is, but I love me that song! :)

Rick J said...

Hope the SCC concert was good. We've had a really full week and next week is more so. Good to see your smile!

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