Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hubby comes home today. The kids and I have been scurrying about to make the house a welcoming place for him. It has been a crazy week or so since I posted last, what with all the running about and then just holding down the fort while Brian was gone. I managed to contract a cold/allergies in the last few days, which has made the evenings/middle of night less than enjoyable. Lots of coughing/sneezing/leg-crossing/nose-blowing. (Sorry if that was TMI.) Thank goodness for 3am Olympics programming. 

Took the kids to see Wall-E over the weekend. Eh. It was OK. The last part of the film was more enjoyable, but I really am getting tired of movies with agendas. Can't we just make stuff to entertain anymore?

Then yesterday I went to see Tropic Thunder with Emily.   She was supposed to go with a friend, but the friend canceled at the last minute and she didn't want to go alone. We'd already Fandango'd her ticket so I wound up being her second choice. The main reason she wanted to see it is that she is a big Robert Downey, Jr. fan. In my opinion, he was the best part of the film, other than one small part involving a little Vietnamese boy. Other than that, I really wouldn't recommend the film. It was crude, full of f-bombs, and just not my cuppa. 

OK, break time is over. Joel just put on Emily's accompaniment CD for Annie and is busy working to the tune of "Hard Knocck Life." Gotta love him.


That Girl said...

Sorry about your tissue issues!

Thanks for the movie reviews - now I know!

Jenny said...

Glad to hear things are well. I missed your August 4th update, so I'm glad you've posted. Was missing hearing out life was going. Guess what - 45 days until DISNEY!!!!!!! Can you sneak away and join us? ;) You guys are always so busy, it sort of amazes me. You are your own company with all your goings-on. I hope that Brian got home safely. Sorry to hear you didn't like WALL*E. We loved it. It was Hannah's first movie in the theater.

preacherman said...

My boys loved Wall-E.
I hadn't seen it yet though.
The boys are asking me to take them a second time.
Maybe I will this weekend.
Karen thanks for your blog.
It is a blessing to so many.
Keep up the great work.
I hope you and your family have a great week and weekend!

Octamom said...

I already knew I liked you from your email to me--and now I read the title of your blog and I'm a raving fan!!!

And now I'm seeing Brandon Scott Thomas--he went to school with my husband and I--now I'm gonna have to go check that out!

Dee Andrews said...

Karen -

Y'all please pray for all of us here in south Mississippi near the gulf coast and New Orleans as hurricane Gustav looms the next few days.

Thank you SO much!

Cheers & Blessings to you all late this Friday night!


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