Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming up

So I haven't exactly taken the time to sit down and write since the 4th. We've had plenty of other things going on to keep me occupied. Mostly the usual and the mundane. Plus a little crud... Brian was sick most of last week; not enough to keep him home, but enough that he did come home early one afternoon and went straight to bed for the night. Then Joel started getting sick. Unfortunately, his led to a raging ear infection for which he is on Zithromax. We are celebrating his first afebrile day by taking in a movie this afternoon (Journey to the Center of the Earth, in 3D, no less!).

I met with the orthopedic surgeon today about my knee. The MRI I had back in June showed a large tear in my medial meniscus. Can't repair it, so we'll have to remove the torn part. August is Brian's busy month, with 2 TDYs of 7 and 4 days, so it looks like we'll be doing this on the 22nd. The doctor said I probably wouldn't be driving for a couple of weeks, so we might be looking for an alternate way for Emily to get to school the first week of September, or Brian will have to fix the schedule so that he can go in a little later than usual that week. So I have a whole month to look forward (?) to this now.

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Rick J said...

Hey, it was great to see Brian, Noah, and Emily (from across the room) Sunday. We missed seeing you and Joel and sorry you guys have been trading bugs. Maybe you can come for a visit while Brian is away... just for a change of pace. :-)

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