Tuesday, June 24, 2008

West on I-40

Greetings from westbound interstate 40 in Arkansas! We just left the KOA campground in Morrilton few moments ago and are bound for Clinton, OK today. We left much earlier today (7am) than most, trying to avoid the hotter parts of the day.

The kids (well, us too) have really enjoyed this trip. At one point, Joel asked if we could just not go home, but spend our time driving around visiting relatives. Huntsville was definitely everyone's favorite leg of the journey, even the dogs. They were quite happy to be at Aunt Pam's. Rory was a little overwhelmed at first, but settled right in. When we get home and I can hook up the camera, I will post some pictures of Rockwell so you can see how big he is. Poor guy is getting old (for a Dane, anyhow) and is so heavy his joints are paining him. But he put up a brave front for us and showed us his playful side.

We celebrated my birthday Sunday by going to Olive Garden with Pam & Kirk and their oldest son, Dustin. Service was slow, but the food was good. Then we just hung out for the rest of the day. Oh, except for a trip to the commissary. Pam went with me to get groceries to stock up the RV for this week.

Noah fulfilled his wish of getting an electric guitar this week. We had told him that one of Pam's boys would probably be able to give him good advice on one. Sure enough, Drew (Pam's #3 son) took him out to look at guitars and amps on Saturday. The ones Drew felt were good choices were a tad under $300 for the set. Turned out that he had 3 guitars himself, plus an amp he didn't need, so he offered to sell them to Noah for $100. We are splitting the cost with him, so he is covering $50 of it.

4 more days, and we should be back at the old homestead. Truth be told, I haven't missed it much at all. Doesn't say much about my love for California, does it?


That Girl said...

I waved as you crossed the border!

drjimwhite said...

Morillton, AR, huh? Been there many times. In fact, I just drove through there last Thursday and Saturday. Once going east, the other going weste. Here's a little trivia; Morillton is the birthplace of Harding University. No doubt you saw Petit Jean Mountain signs. Harding's yearbook is called the "Petit Jean" and the opening line of the alma mater goes, "Near the foothills of the Ozarks..." It used to go, "In the foothills of the Ozarks." I know, I know. More information than you really wanted to know. Have a good trip. Wish I could have seen you more.

drjimwhite said...


preacherman said...

I am glad your trip is going great. I know how important it is to make good memories with our children. I am striving to do that in my own life. I want my boys to look back on their childhood and say, "it was a blast."

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