Monday, October 08, 2007

When it's time to change...

You've got to rearrange... (Quick, what's the origin of that phrase?)

Yes, we finally got around to the rearranging of the furniture. It involved moving around 500 or so books on and off of shelves, unhooking the cable and internet, and several unsatisfactory furniture placements until we finally reached one we liked. Now, to just get the couches cleaned off and the stuff piled on them put away. We didn't finish getting the furniture in place and the cable/internet reconnected until around 10pm, and we just didn't feel like working any longer. At any rate, I am rather pleased with the layout, although looking at it this morning, there is one change I might make... and it is fairly minor. Just switching the positions of a small bookcase and table. I will probably get my neighbor's opinion before I do it.

So what we basically did was go from having one long room here to dividing it up. It wasn't something I thought I'd ever really do, but it is growing on me. We moved the computer tables from their old spot to the corner nearest the kitchen (we actually closed the door between the kitchen and this room and have it blocked off by the computer). If you need a reminder of the layout here, here's a link to the floor plan of this house. Our house is a mirror image of the plan. The computer and printer are in that corner behind the door that opens out from the kitchen to what is labeled "dining room." I have a small 5-ft. bookcase to the right of my computer desk and then underneath that window in the dining room is a big coffee table (those are the 2 things I am thinking about switching, although the bookcase would be moved to the left of the window, rather than under it). We moved the television into the corner of the living room nearest the entry, and used the couch as a divider between this end of the room and the living room. It extends from the wall closest to the entry and is backed by the piano (which used to be on the wall where the 5-ft. bookcase is now). We took a 7-ft. bookcase out of this room (it was here in this corner, next to the "dining room" window) and moved it into the dining/school room. We had 2 small bookcases in there that we took up to the second floor landing outside the master bedroom. The loveseat used to be in front of the front window and it is now along the outside wall down at that end of the room. Once we get everything put away and hang stuff on the wall, I will try to take pictures and post them. I think the room will look very cozy when we're done.

Happy Columbus Day!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a rearranger. at all.

Rick J said...

I tend to avoid rearranging as well, but it sounds as if part of your solution is like what we did (couch divider and TV in the corner). Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Karen -

I've not commented in a while, but have been reading. Sounds like a good re-arrangement of furniture this weekend.

I looked at your floor plan and see how your long room could be divided pretty neatly into two separate living/work areas. Sounds like a winner.

I do NOT know how you manage with such limited living spaces with your family. WOW! I'm impressed.

Tom and I found that moving to a smaller space was more difficult than we thought it would be and we had to unload tons of stuff. Plus, with our limited living space and with the shape of our living room, there is pretty much only one way the furniture will fit in with the TV built into the side wall and all.

So . . . guess our rearranging furniture days are over.

Cheers & Blessings to you all today! Dee

Lisa said...

Thanks for the "Brady Bunch" flashback!

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